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Why 123?


Professional Teachers 專科專教

Major in Mathematical Studies

Certified Teachers in Education

Over 24 years of Mathematics teaching experience  


Trustworthy  優良信譽

Most of our students are by referral

Students stay with us until they graduate from high school


Focusing  老師專注、學生專心

Teachers concentrate on teaching

Students focus on learning

Crucial to effective tutoring

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Class size: 1 to 4 (1 teacher to 4 students)


Materials: Constantly upgraded to cope with the latest guidelines


Assessment: Free trial and assessment test


Make-up class: Arrange for missed classes


Study pace: Students advance at their own pace


Tuition Fees (2 hour sessions):       Individual: $38 / session

Family: $37 / session / person


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Why us?


  • 18 years of excellent tutoring service. Most of our students are by referral.

  • We help our students focus on their study and motivate them to strive for better results. High scores in Math can boost up their overall average to help them get accepted into universities.

  • Our programs which follow the guidelines of the BC Ministry of Education will efficiently supplement the regular math curriculum. The teaching materials are carefully prepared to suit individual needs.

  • We have developed workbooks through extensive research to save students' time and effort in mastering their school math subjects and boost their grades.

  • Students advance at their own pace.

  • All math classes have size limited to 4 students, allowing greater individual attention from the teacher.

  • All instructors are either certified teachers or experienced tutors with B.Sc. degrees, or specialists in their teaching subjects.

  • All classes are conducted in English.

  • Make up classes can be arranged for missed classes.

  • Students learn in a positive, supportive environment.

  • We have a proven record of success.

  • Our relationship with students has been intimate and long term. 

18 years of excellent tutoring services

We are thankful for our past and present students for their trust and support and refer their friends and school mates to join our courses. Our students mainly come from the following schools: St George, Crofton House, Little Flower Academy, York House, West Point Grey Academy, Point Grey Secondary School, Magee Secondary School, Prince of Wales, Lord Byne, University Hill, Eric Hamber, Winston Churchill, Vancouver College, and so on.

Unique programs

Our programs supplement the regular math curriculum for elementary and high school students. We have an outstanding record of helping students to achieve excellent results at private school entrance exams like SAT and PSAT, as well as entrance exams into special programs at schools, such as enrichment class, or accelerated class, AP class, Honour class, IB class, and so on.

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